Summer Lovin’: Wedding on a Moving Train

Summer Lovin’: Wedding on a Moving Train

In the first installment of our Summer Lovin’ series, we read the story of a couple that met on an Amtrak train and are now heading to the alter. With wedding bells in mind, for our second installment of the Summer Lovin’ series, we’ll tell you the true story of a couple that just tied the knot onboard a moving train  and cover tips for any adventurous couples that want to follow suit.

But first…

Can you get Married on an Amtrak train?

Yes! A moving train at that! Here’s our case in point:

Amtrak Wedding Couple

Meet the Couple that got Married on Amtrak

This is Brett and Moireach! During the Thanksgiving holiday, they were making their tour of family gatherings (you know how it is). She had family in Arizona and he had family in Texas. They decided to take Amtrak’s Sunset Limited to commute between parties. Brett popped the question onboard mid-route.  They couldn’t think of a more fitting venue for the ceremony than back onboard. This also solved the issue of bringing together the families that were states apart.

Amtrak Wedding Ceremony

Unique Destination Wedding: a Moving Ceremony

Level up your destination wedding and actually take the ceremony to your destination. During peak wedding season, your guests have probably sat through their fair share of ceremonies. Host the highlight of their season with a rail adventure. You can also get creative with your reception when travel is involved. Brett and Moireach decided to have their wedding reception at their final destination, so guests had a full itinerary of celebrations throughout the day.

How to Plan a Wedding on a Moving Train

First, you’ll need to figure out what route you’d like to take a.k.a the backdrop you want for your wedding. We recommend our long distance trains  – they have some of the most beautiful views. Crowd favorites are the California Zephyr (a wedding with Sierra Nevada views) and the Coast Starlight (wind through Glacier National Park).  Next, get to know your train and find out where onboard you’d like to have the ceremony. Will it be the dining car? The observation car?

Group Train Reservations for the Wedding Party

With a route in mind, you can now move on to booking. If you’ll have guests, then group reservations are best. Call 1-800-872-1477 or submit an online request for group reservations. Or if you’re looking to have a smaller, intimate setting, book up to eight passengers by calling our regular reservation line 1-800-USA-RAIL (872-7245). In either case, make sure to specify to your ticketing agent what you’re planning to do with as much detail as possible. That way we can alert respective train managers and begin working on accommodations.

Amtrak Wedding Guest

Marriage Licenses that Cover the States your Train Moves Through

Once you’re booked, begin doing research on the marriage license process for each state your train passes through. Each process varies, some are easier than others. Our best advice is to have more than one license since you won’t have any control of the speed in which the train is moving through a specific region. The same should be applied to the person officiating your wedding. Make sure your master of ceremonies can legally marry you within the states you have your licenses in.

Amtrak Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Dress Train Tips (Literally)

For the bridal and groom’s party, you’ll want a private space to get ready for the ceremony.  We have plenty of onboard accommodations ranging from a roomette to bedroom suites. Ahead of the big day, make a game plan on how you’ll be getting ready for the ceremony. Keep in mind: this is a moving train. Hair and make-up can be a challenge, but not impossible! As for the wedding dress, a garment bag is a must! We also highly encourage you to add a train to your gown because train puns are the best.

Wedding Prep on a Moving Train

Be Flexible and Adventurous

Your wedding will be a literal adventure, so be prepared for anything! The car you wanted to host the ceremony in is unavailable? Find a workaround with the crew. Train is delayed? Great, more time to party onboard. Imbue this same spirit to your guests and your wedding will go without a hitch.

So, are you ready to plan the best day of your life? All aboard!

Amtrak Wedding Family