NYC to Montreal on Amtrak

NYC to Montreal on Amtrak

Having been bitten by the travel bug these past few years, I have used my Instagram as a vehicle to see as much of the world as I can. I remember back in college riding the Amtrak train to Washington D.C. or Boston to visit friends and loving the experience.

I’m always ready for a new adventure. I thought to myself, why not take a ride up to Canada… Montreal! I can practice my French, oui oui! And enjoy a little winter trip out of New York City. The Amtrak was perfect – no airports, no traffic, I get on, and I get off. Booked for a long weekend in early March, I treated to a cold and a fabulous winter wonderland. I planned to museum hop, people-watch from inside a warm café, and shop.

The ride up is long, but scenic. It snowed from Albany straight to Montreal, which made for snow-capped mountain views as far as the eye can see. In the 10-hour ride up, I caught up on all my shows thanks to free Wi-Fi and was able to get ahead on weeks of work. For some reason being on a train was much more inspiring than on a plane. I felt the progress as we traveled to and from our destination.

Overall I had an excellent trip, my travel companion Richard was the perfect semi-fluent tour guide. Amtrak provided me with a safe and easy means out of Manhattan for three lovely days up North. And of course, I love any excuse to break out my nice warm coats. Au revoir!

About the author: Nick Pinsker is a blogger and social media consultant based in New York City.