From City Center to Campus Quad, Amtrak’s Student Discount Helps You Save

From City Center to Campus Quad, Amtrak’s Student Discount Helps You Save

This summer I have been able to experience a whole new mode of travel – train travel. I am originally from the Philadelphia area, but I moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida in high school. These two cities have entirely different transportation dynamics: where Philadelphia is urban and crowded, Ponte Vedra is rural and vast.

In Florida, I drive everywhere because that is the only form of transportation that makes sense. Here in Philadelphia, I have been able to experience new modes transportation that don’t involve my car. Cars create challenges in a large city, including difficulties with finding parking and feeling exhausted from traffic delays.

However, thanks to Amtrak and its year-round 15% student discount, I have been able to fully take advantage of Philadelphia, and enjoy traffic-free visits to friends in Washington D.C. and New York City. Instead of worrying about traffic, parking or paying for gas in a rental car, I’m able to just hop on the train and get to either city in at least an hour less than it would take me to drive. By taking the train, I know I can have a positive impact on the environment while quickly arriving where I need to be! Not to mention, being able to relax and enjoy the view on the train is much less stressful than driving.

As I prepare to go back to Florida, I will miss the convenience of taking the train, but have fully enjoyed my experience being able to travel up and down the Northeast. For other students like me, I recommend taking advantage of the train, whether you’re just traveling home for the weekend or going on a vacation, short distance or long distance.

About the Author:  Rachel Cohen is a summer intern for Amtrak in Philadelphia. She is a rising senior studying environmental engineering at University of Florida.