Update: Progress at New York Penn Station

Update: Progress at New York Penn Station

Although many of customers will feel the greatest impact this summer, infrastructure renewal work at New York Penn Station has already been well underway for several months. This summer’s modified schedules will help to accelerate a number of major projects that will strengthen and improve operations and reliability at North America’s busiest transportation hub.

A normal weekday sees more than 1,300 daily train movements at Penn Station with each of the station’s 21 tracks in use every two minutes. A key component of those movements is the “A” interlocking, which will receive extensive maintenance this summer, ensuring the interlocking can continue to move trains now and in the future.

New York Penn Renewal Progress

In addition to our regularly scheduled maintenance projects, other key projects recently completed include:

  • Renewal of 125 feet of track, including the replacement of 600 railroad ties
  • Total switch replacement consisting of several sections within tracks within “A” interlocking
  • Wood, timber and rail replacement within “JO” interlocking
  • Replacement of 96 block ties in the East River tunnels
  • Replacement of block ties within station tracks 2 and 10
  • Positioning of key equipment in New York and New Jersey in preparation for the extensive summer work in July and August

To see the latest updates about Amtrak’s infrastructure renewal efforts at New York Penn Station visit amtrak.com/NYPrenewal.