New York Penn Station Improvement Initiatives

New York Penn Station Improvement Initiatives

New York Penn Station Renewal

In recent weeks, Amtrak customers, as well the customers of the LIRR and NJ TRANSIT systems, have experienced extensive service disruptions at New York Penn Station.

In reviewing the cause of these delays, Amtrak has determined that aging track and infrastructure—some of it originally built in the 1970s when Penn Station only serviced half the trains and a third of the customers that it does today—poses further risks to reliable operations.

While a substantial amount of reconstruction has already been done, it has become clear that existing infrastructure issues at Penn Station can no longer be addressed through routine maintenance—we must take more aggressive action to fix these problems.

In the coming weeks, we will lay out a full plan for our renewal efforts at New York Penn Station. This plan includes a series of initiatives to strengthen the station’s railroad infrastructure and improve operations and preparedness. The details of the plan, including the timelines for each initiative, are still being finalized with our partners, but you can now review the preliminary details of what we hope to accomplish with these efforts.

Many of you depend on Amtrak for your daily commute and we ask for your patience in the coming months. Our plan is designed to try to minimize disruptions when possible, but we know it will still involve travel delays for our passengers, and intensive work by our crews. We will work to provide advance notice of changes to our service whenever possible.

By making these repairs now, we hope to serve you, and the other commuters who travel through Penn Station each day, more reliably in the future.

We look forward to sharing more details with you as the work continues. Follow our progress at