The National: Our favorite stories of 2016

The National: Our favorite stories of 2016

This year, Amtrak unveiled a new on-board magazine, The National. The free magazine, which appears in seatbacks throughout the Amtrak network, celebrates the America you might encounter through windows of our trains. In addition to rich photography, it also features interviews with celebrated thought-leaders, and includes original works of art, poetry, and fiction. Check out a few of our favorite stories from this year.

Portfolio: The Pacific Northwest

A stunning photographic journey on a northbound train from Eugene, Oregon. Read more


Next Stop: Detroit

“There is Plan A and only Plan A,” he tells his flock. “If I have a Plan B, I’m failing already.” He takes a beat, then goes on: “And Plan A is to make Detroit an attractive place again. There’s no Plan B.” Read more

Detroit, Michigan

Thrill of the Chase

There are two types of people in the world—those who see violent weather heading their way and seek shelter and those whose pulses so hasten with giddy delight at the sounds and sights of such events that the only logical choice is to get in their cars and drive toward the action. Read more


Waiting On a Train: Chicago Union Station

Brief conversations with passengers awaiting the arrival of their train. Read more

Yasmeen Wilson

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