ACS-64 Locomotives Usher in New Era of Mobility on Northeast Corridor

ACS-64 Locomotives Usher in New Era of Mobility on Northeast Corridor

We know how important it is to keep the people and businesses in the northeast moving, which is why improved performance, efficiency and reliability are key components to the infrastructure investment decisions we make every day.

This week, our 70th and final Amtrak Cities Sprinters (ACS-64) locomotive enters service marking a major milestone for Amtrak as this new fleet, a multi-million dollar infrastructure investment, was delivered ahead of schedule by Siemens and continues to improve service for millions of customers in the northeast.

How are the Cities Sprinters ushering in a new era of mobility on the Northeast Corridor? For starters, these locomotives are serious pieces of machinery. We’re talking 114 tons of steel and 8,600 horsepower, powered by electricity up and down the Northeast Corridor. Revolutionary regenerative breaking power, automatic diagnostics and the latest safety technologies means a safe, efficient and reliable ride from downtown to downtown.

Here’s what these locomotives have done to make your ride the best it can be:

  • Safety: The locomotives meet the latest federal rail safety regulations, including crash energy management components, and come equipped with safety technology such as positive train control and inward-facing cameras.
  • Efficiency: Since the introduction of this new fleet of locomotives, we’ve reduced delays by nearly 25%! Plus, 100% of the energy generated during braking feeds back into the grid for an efficient use of energy.
  • Reliability: These latest generation locomotives have the latest technologies, which means less maintenance in the shop and more time zooming down the track to your next destination.
  • Sustainability:  Thanks to these next generation locomotives, we’ll save over 3 billion kilowatt hours of energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Connectivity: From Boston to DC and everywhere in between, these sleeker, faster locomotives get you to where you need to go on time. While we want you to enjoy the journey, we know you have places to go.
  • Experience: A powerful locomotive with the latest in accelerating and braking technology means a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

As the majority owner of the Northeast Corridor (NEC), Amtrak knows its future depends on the infrastructure investments we make today. For more information about Amtrak’s investment in America’s infrastructure in the region, visit