Family Fun on the Auto Train

Family Fun on the Auto Train

Car trips with little ones can be a challenge. Between the bathroom breaks, are-we-there-yets and unexpected traffic that can double trip time, there always seems like a few big hurdles standing between you and your family’s next getaway.

Enter Amtrak’s Auto Train, possibly the most unique train in our system. Skip that legendary I-95 traffic and instead enjoy movies, fine dining, and sunsets you can only see from the train. Little ones will be entertained, and mom and dad will be able to relax knowing that we’re doing the driving.

Here’s what makes the Auto Train so special:

  • Meals are included in the price of the ticket: Enjoy our savory meals on board while you gaze out the Dining Car window, watching the world go by.
  • No stopping to fill up the gas tank: Everything you need is on board, and with no stops between Virginia and Florida, you’ll arrive in no time.
  • FREE Wi-Fi: While we’re all for a device-free family bonding experience, we understand sometimes you just need to check-in—our WiFi’s got you covered.

And here’s why we call it the Auto Train:  This incredibly unique service allows you to take cars, small boats, jet skis, vans, SUV’s, trucks and motorcycles with you on your way to that dream family vacay in Florida. Moving the clan to Florida or the DC area for good? You can stuff as much as you like in your vehicle to double your packing capacity. In a hurry when you arrive? Book Priority Vehicle Offloading for a $50 additional fee to make the vehicle one of the first 30 to exit the train.

Need more reasons to ride? Kids ride the Auto Train half off, plus our $95 saver fares for coach class make this an opportunity you don’t want to pass up! Come make family memories with us. All aboard!