Amtrak Celebrates 70th Cities Sprinter

Amtrak Celebrates 70th Cities Sprinter

Today, Amtrak CEO and President Joe Boardman joined Siemens Rolling Stock President Michael Calhill at the Siemens Rail Manufacturing Plant in Sacramento, Cal., for a celebration of the 70th Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) electric locomotive. The manufacturing milestone marks the culmination of a years’ long partnership as the final high-efficiency locomotive—built by Siemens in Sacramento with components from more than 60 U.S. suppliers – heads to the Northeast Corridor for commissioning and revenue service.

Scroll down for facts about our Amtrak Cities Sprinter.

1. Made in America
The assembly of the Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) provided work for 60 suppliers in 20 states across 50 cities in the United States.

2.Shiny and New
The 70 new high-efficiency locomotives have replaced equipment that has been in service for more than 25 years and average mileage of more than 3.5 million miles traveled. The locomotives have helped usher in a new era of improved performance and reliability along the heavily traveled NEC and Keystone Corridors.

3. Keeping it Green
Our new locomotives are easier to maintain, more energy efficient and provide improved performance for regional and intercity routes.

4. Powerful
The ACS-64 can reach speeds up to 125 mph pulling up to 18 Amfleet coach cars.

5. Powering the Future of the Northeast Corridor
Amtrak Cities Sprinter are enabling Amtrak to deliver improved performance and reliability for regional and intercity routes along the heavily-traveled Northeast Corridor and Keystone corridor.