Five Reasons to Visit the Queen City

Five Reasons to Visit the Queen City

Landscape scene depicting the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio

Crowned the Queen City, Cincinnati received its nickname from poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who described it as “the Queen of the West, in her garlands dressed, on the banks of the beautiful river.”

With a majestic moniker and an unreal urban landscape, Ohio’s underrated gem is a destination you should set your sights on. Here’s why…

Over-the-Rhine Neighborhood

With eateries and drinkeries aplenty, Over-the-Rhine (popularly referred to as OTR) is a hot spot for both Cincinnati locals and tourists. OTR is considered the largest, most intact urban, historic district in the United States. Home to Italianate architecture and old world, southern New Orleans charm, OTR is a must-see.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Appropriately located on Freedom Way, the center’s mission is to “reveal stories about freedom’s heroes, from the era of the Underground Railroad to contemporary times, challenging and inspiring everyone to take courageous steps for freedom today.” Check out the calendar for special events here.

Brewery District

Within the OTR neighborhood lives the Brewery District, which houses the largest collection of pre-prohibition breweries in the country. Translation: beer for days. Every spring, the district hosts Bockfest, celebrating Cincinnati’s brewing heritage with a parade, brewery tours, Bockfest 5K, Bocklympics and more! Never hurts to plan ahead.

Washington Park

Sandwiched between Elm and Race Street (across the way from Memorial Hall), Washington Park is decked out with a performance stage, interactive water park, historic bandstand, playground, dog park, music hall plaza and more. To visit its calendar of events, click here.

Findlay Market

As Ohio’s oldest public market, Findlay is home to outdoor vendors, street performers and an array of events. Named after General James Findlay, this center of locally sourced goods is open Thursday through Sunday year round. Findlay Market is truly an al fresco, living landmark.

If you care to explore the Queen of the West, travel our Cardinal line. For tickets, click here.