Elena’s Epic #AmtrakAdventure

Elena’s Epic #AmtrakAdventure

Meet Elena. She’s a 20 year old student in Washington, D.C. majoring in International Affairs and Human Geography with an emphasis in transportation and urban planning. Her summer internship at the National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) paved the way for an epic #AmtrakAdventure she’s planned to learn all about the ways in which rail connects city centers to small towns and keeps America running.

“Trains allow a city to be interconnected to other places, which is really important. It also reduces isolation and provides a city with identity and mobility. I’m excited to see America by rail and learn about the ways communities interact with rail, and what it means for local economies and development. I’ll also be focusing on how Amtrak contributes to national connectivity, economic opportunity,  sustainable travel, and quality of life.”

Elena will be taking her bike with her and stopping in cities across the US to meet with like-minded transportation experts and city officials, brushing up on the transportation issues facing Amtrak and many other local transportation entities: infrastructure investment, funding, and connectivity.

“I get to see parts of the country I wouldn’t have if not for NARP and Amtrak. I’m especially excited to meet new people and rediscover my own country.”

Follow along with Elena on her journey from May 16-June 20 from the Nation’s Capital to the sunny shores of Los Angeles and everywhere in between at @railpassengers and #SummerByRail. Want to make your own #AmtrakAdventure? The USA Rail Pass is the perfect way to see the country for one low price.

Welcome aboard, Elena!