Washington Union Station, Let Me Upgrade You

Washington Union Station, Let Me Upgrade You

Here are the facts. Thirty-seven million people pass through Washington Union Station each year. Making it one of the busiest intercity rail and commuter hubs in the nation. And on top of that, it’s over 100 years old.  But, times they are-a changing and thankfully, upgrades are OTW (on the way).

We’re pleased to share that as part of the Passenger Concourse Modernization Project and Washington Union Station’s 2nd Century Plan, Washington Union Station is getting upgraded and expanded. If you’re one of the millions of passengers that travel through the station for work or play each year, here are few things to look forward to:

  • Approximately 20,000 square feet of new passenger space (that’s nearly double the current passenger space)
  • Reconfigured and modernized passenger concourse for intercity and commuter travelers
  • Upgraded and expanded ClubAcela Lounge
  • New restrooms and additional seating
  • New architectural details brightening the space with increased natural light
  • And more.

These project enhancements will help alleviate congestion felt during peak travel times and will improve the comfort, convenience and accessibility for all travelers. Early action construction for the project will begin this summer with estimated full project completion by 2019. For additional information about the Passenger Concourse Modernization Project, timeline and benefits head here.

Project Partners: Amtrak is leading the project in coordination with the USRC, WMATA, DDOT, MTA/MARC, VER and Akridge.

Design Team: KGP Design Studio, Grimshaw Architects, and ARUP