St. Paul to Milwaukee, Five Reasons Why You Should Make the Trip

St. Paul to Milwaukee, Five Reasons Why You Should Make the Trip

You don’t have to travel far to have a great weekend getaway. Sometimes a short trip to a new city can you give you just the right amount of fun and relaxation you need. Amtrak customers traveling between St. Paul and Milwaukee have the opportunity to explore, unplug and return home rejuvenated. Take a look at our list of why this train trip is another reason to ride:

The Observation Car
Not all of our trains have the coveted observation car, but lucky for you this ride on our Empire Builder does. With floor to ceiling windows and no assigned seating, you can spend your time daydreaming or chatting it up with fellow riders. While the ride from St. Paul to Milwaukee clocks in at a little over 6 hours, we wouldn’t be surprised if you spent all of your time in the observation car.

The Mississippi River
For 140 miles, you see fertile farmland, riverbank towns, barges and restored paddlewheel boats – scenes that have inspired visitors for decades. Stretching from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River is the second longest river in the U.S. Seeing any part of the Mississippi is cool, but seeing it by train is awesome.

So Much to Do in St. Paul
If you were under the impression that St. Paul was a sleepy town with nothing to do, then we are here to tell you that you are flat out wrong. Staples like Grand Old Days and the Twin Cities Jazz Fest, then there’s baseball games and other family-friendly activities like pizza at Cossetta’s and more. Trust us, you won’t get bored during your visit. For more information about where to go and what to see, peek at more tips from the self-proclaimed St. Paul Chief of Fun, Adam.

Meanwhile in Milwaukee
There’s the Lakefront which gives visitors a picturesque view of Lake Michigan year round.  And the Milwaukee County Zoo, Discovery World and AJ Bombers for a bite to eat for Amtrak riders making the trip with the family. Meanwhile for the 21 and over crowd, sans the kiddos a brewery tour or tours might be a good look because after all, Milwaukee is the city beer built.

Don’t Forget the Deals
You can experience all the perks and convenience train travel has to offer and save while doing it. Just book a minimum of 14-days in advance you get 20% off of your ticket. See, planning head can be a good thing. Find out more ways to save by heading here.