Boston Bound this Spring? Read this First.

Boston Bound this Spring? Read this First.

The days are longer and the skies are bluer. Yes, Amtrak readers springtime is finally here! If you’re itching to take a weekend getaway with your crew or your boo, we think Boston should be on the list. It has tons to do and if you time your trip right, you can witness one of the biggest events in the city, the Boston Marathon. We recently chatted with Blair, a Boston local and avid runner, to get her recommendations of where to go and what to see when heading to Boston. Here’s what she had to share.

How long have you lived in Boston and what do you love about living there?
I’ve lived in Boston for almost two years now, and by far the best thing about Beantown is the summers. The days are long, the skies are clear and it never gets too hot. Being from North Carolina, that’s a huge plus!

The Boston Marathon is coming up and is a staple event for the city. What are some things runners and non-runners should do leading up to the race? (i.e., are there any city events you recommend?)
In the days leading up to the race, the finish line area basically turns into a big party zone. There’s music and vendors, and the streets are closed off. Everyone turns out to see the excitement, and marathoners are all over the city wearing their official jackets. So they’re easy to spot, and everyone offers them lots of words of encouragement!

For people coming into town for the marathon, there are some definite must-see spots. The first is walking the esplanade. It’s a large waterfront park with lots of walking paths. It’s also a great spot to watch sailboats and kayakers. Runners and non-runners can get in come great light exercise there. Visitors should also plan to shop on Newbury Street. It’s great for people watching and the latest fashions! Lastly, visitors can walk as little or as much of the freedom trail as their schedules allow. It hits all of the historical points around the city and, of course, a few surprises!

On to food and booze. Tell us a few of your favorite spots to go for a bite to eat and a drink. Don’t hold back!
First choice would have to be Bleacher Bar. It’s by far the best way to see historic Fenway Park. This hole in the wall is built right into the outfield of the diamond and offers insane views of home plate! If you want to experience something really different, head to Cambridge and check out H Mart. It’s a huge Asian grocery store with small grab and go lunch options inside. It has everything from Ramen to sushi plus their take on a Parisian bistro. The food is good, but the best part is wandering the grocery aisles and checking out all the foreign goods.

Last must-see place is Beehive in South End. It’s a quirky restaurant with great food, strong cocktails and live jazz music. The vibe is always fun and the entertainment is top notch!

If an Amtrak rider only has one full day in Boston, what are some must see sites you’d recommend they see?
They should start by heading to the Library in Copley Square, just a quick walk from South Station. Then head to Boston Common and check out the iconic swan boats in the garden. Next walk over to North End for Pizza Regina for lunch and Mike’s Pastry for dessert. Next move on to Paul Revere’s historic house and a view of the water. With the remainder of the afternoon, head to the Institute for Contemporary Art on the waterfront. Top the day of with a drink back at Copley Square at the Fairmont Hotel and dash over to South Station to catch your train. After a packed day like that, you’ll be happy someone else is doing the driving!

Lastly, if someone is on the fence about a train trip to Boston, give us a few reasons why they should definitely plan that visit. 
Boston is one of the oldest cities in the country. It’s always worth a trip to Boston to remind yourself just how deep and nuanced our country’s history really is. Plus it’s cleaner than New York City and more temperate than Washington, DC, so spending the day walking around outside is really enjoyable.

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