Four Reasons Why You Should Train It to The Tournament

Four Reasons Why You Should Train It to The Tournament

Every day of every year we love being your ride to the places you want to go. This time of year lots of you out there are making plans to see if your college basketball team will punch in their ticket to the Big Dance. As America’s Railroad, we’re here to tell you that Amtraking-it to the game is the way to go and here’s why…

Simply Put, We Can Get You There
The men’s tournament starts March 17 in seven different cities across the country. Lucky for you, there is an Amtrak train station in nearly every one of them. And if you’re banking on seeing your team in the regional or the final four we got you covered there too. Don’t believe us, just take a peek at a few of the cities we can take you to.

First & Second Round Tournament Locations

Amtrak Route

Providence, Rhode Island

Northeast RegionalAcela

Raleigh, North Carolina

Carolinian/Piedmont and Silver Service


California Zephyr


Northeast RegionalAcela and More

St. Louis, Missouri

Texas Eagle, Missouri River Runner

Oklahoma City

Heartland Flyer

Low Fares
Whether you’re a current student or an alum we’re pretty sure you’re looking for a way to save. Here’s the deal, actually here are a ton of them. Head to our deals page for the latest deals in your region. Trust us, heading here first could result in some serious savings. For example if you live in South Bend, IN traveling to Chicago for the regionals, you could get fares as low as $15. And here’s another tip, booking a minimum of 14-days in advance can lead to savings too. So do your homework before you book and know that the earlier the better.

Unlimited Unwinding Opportunities 
Let’s face it, being a fan is stressful in all the best ways. The anticipation of the game, the buzzer beaters, the injury reports; the drama alone is enough to make anyone sweat. This is even more reason why you should let us handle the driving. Stretch out with our more than ample leg room and relax with an Amtrak view. Or chat it up with fellow fans, drink responsibly during your Amtrak pre-game session or better yet, take a nap. Whatever your pre-tourney ritual is, if you take the train it’s a little better because you have the freedom to do you.

Stress Less
No jumping through hoops to avoid traffic. No circling around to find parking. With us, you’re in the ultimate carpool and all you have to do is sit down and ride. Enjoy the free wifi to finish up some work or lockdown logistics to meet up with your pals. Just know that that train time is your time and it trumps traffic any day.