#Acelabrate and You Could Win Two Acela Tickets

#Acelabrate and You Could Win Two Acela Tickets

Acela Express has been the smarter way to travel, providing perks like the quiet car and first class service to more than more than 42 million Amtrak customers since the winter of 2000. And while the 15th Acela anniversary has already come and gone, we’re closing out our Acelabrations with one last BIG giveaway.

Starting today, Amtrak riders can enter for chance to win two round trip Acela tickets for weekend travel and a two night stay at a DoubleTree hotel. You didn’t think we’d #Acelabrate without giving a trip away did you?

To enter, simply post a photo on Instagram or Twitter and in the post tell us why you love Acela. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken one, zero or eighty Acela rides. Just post a photo, show your love and tag it #Acelabrate.

Things to Keep in Mind:

All photos must include the hashtag #Acelabrate.

Only one winner (sorry no halfsies). So if you post a photo with your travel buddy, only one person wins the tickets and the hotel stay.

The entry period is from February 8 – 22.

The complete contest rules can be found here.

Good luck and thanks for Acelabrating with us!