Head to Pittsburgh on the Capitol Limited

Head to Pittsburgh on the Capitol Limited

Binoculars for viewing the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania skyline.

Pittsburgh is often bypassed as a destination, but in the last ten years the city has gone through a serious renaissance, ushering in lots of public art projects, rejuvenating industry, urban renewal and, of course, buoying its legendary sports franchises. Pittsburgh is often voted one of the most livable cities by various national publications because of its amenities and cost of living.

Neighborhoods like Lawrenceville, East Liberty, and parts of downtown that were once in decline are now thriving with diversity in arts and entertainment, great food and buzzing nightlife. Traveling on the Capitol Limited is a great option for getting to the center of Steel City because the Amtrak station is located conveniently right in the middle of downtown. You can visit a variety of different galleries and museums, walk across one of the numerous bridges connecting Pittsburgh’s North Side (make sure to check out the Mexican War Streets while exploring) and other city sectors. Or take the tram up Mount Washington to view the city from above.

Looking for something a bit more laid back? Head about 10 miles down the road to historic Braddock, PA, now famous for its amazing transformation. Home of Andrew Carnegie’s first library and steel mill, Braddock was once a flourishing urban center in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Like many other rust-belt cities and their surrounding areas, it took a huge hit in the economic downturn of the 1980s, losing 90% of its inhabitants due to lack of jobs. Braddock became national news in 2001, largely in part to a radical mayor who refused to allow his town to continue to decay. Over the last 15 years, Braddock has become a haven for big-city artists to relocate and build communities that embrace sustainability through neighborhood farms and alternative fuel projects, taking it from a lost gem to a leader and example for other small towns and cities struggling to revive themselves.

Group of gardeners tending to organic crops and picking up a bountiful basket full of fresh produce from their small business

Curious to explore the region a bit further? Starting in Chicago, the Capitol Limited travels right through the American heartland past the farms of Indiana and Ohio, through the majestic Allegheny Mountains. Continuing east, you’ll ride toward Maryland and on through West Virginia, both offering historic landmarks ripe for discovery. Finally, the Capitol Limited will go on to the Potomac Valley outside our nation’s capital end its journey in Washington DC, affording a truly beautiful journey, especially if taken in summer or during fall as the seasons change and green foliage turns to gold, orange and red.