New Orleans: Land of Celebrity Tombs, Exotic Animals and More

New Orleans: Land of Celebrity Tombs, Exotic Animals and More


More than just a city of Po Boys, beignets and booze, New Orleans is a marvel extending far beyond the sum of its traditional tourist attractions. Here are five unconventional reasons to visit NOLA.

Celebrity cemetery

Silver screen titan, Nicholas Cage purchased a mausoleum in the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Standing nine feet tall, the pyramid has the Latin inscription “Omni Ab Uno” translating to “Everything from one.” Make sure to stop by and pay your pre-mortem respects. Nick, may you live a long and prosperous life!

Intimate music quarters in the French Quarter

In the city of ubiquitous jazz bars, Fritzel’s Jazz Pub is a gem housed within a building from the 1800s. The pub is right on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. Once you step over the threshold, you’ll immediately spot the Fritzel’s New Orleans Jazz Band’s front man donning his Indiana Jones hat and banjo.

Artifacts behind a secret door

It’s like a speakeasy for rare art and artifacts. Intrigued? Visit M.S. Rau Antiques and ask to be escorted to the secret room. A disguised door guards a petite province filled with artistic splendor. Feel free to splurge or browse at your leisure

Exotic animals from Africa

Horses, zebras and ostriches, oh my! It’s probably not something you thought you’d see in Louisiana, of all places, but New Orleans is home to the exotic animal race at the Fair Grounds Race Course. Warning: things might get a little wild, but we can’t imagine that would discourage you from visiting the beaded city in the first place.

Church of the Arts

A church turned artistic abyss, the Marigny Opera House hosts art, community and religious events all year round. Built in 1847 with boast-worthy acoustics, the opera house is home to the Marigny Opera Ballet.