New York to Toronto: The Perfect Fall Voyage

New York to Toronto: The Perfect Fall Voyage

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CN Tower Cityscape.

Go international with Amtrak and visit Canada’s hottest metropolis!

The Amtrak Maple Leaf takes you from New York City’s Penn Station along the breathtaking Hudson River Valley and through New York wine country during the best time of year for viewing the changing leaves and river views.

Kick back and relax as you ride in style and comfort all the way to Toronto, Ontario, which has quickly become one of the hottest spots for cutting-edge urban culture. Not only does Toronto offer stunning views and a cityscape that will take your breath away, it is a burgeoning center for international communities and amazing world-class cuisine.

Check out our route page to find more information on traveling aboard the Maple Leaf and get ready for a weekend of fun.