Family Reunion Fun

Family Reunion Fun

Gearing up for family reunion season? Here are five ways to make this year a memorable one.

Break the Ice

There’s bound to be someone new or someone you haven’t seen in a long time at a reunion, but that’s why you get together! Play an icebreaker game to get everyone interacting to build connective energy. This is especially helpful for young children, new spouses and family friends who are getting to know the tribe for the first time.

Start with something active to get everyone moving, like working together to untie a human knot, or playing a few frenzied rounds of human rock-paper-scissors. After everyone is warmed up, play a game that involves sharing and remembering special characteristics about each other, like having everyone introduce themselves and act out an animal that matches their personality.

Chill Out

Allow for some down time to let everyone interact organically. Constructive activities are wonderful, but avoid over-scheduling! Some of the best memories will be made while enjoying lunch together, relaxing by a pool or just walking from one part of a park to another. Individuals will gravitate toward the people who they can relate to or whom they are curious about. Marvel at the small groups and pairings that will emerge despite the geographical or generational distance between family members.

Share Stories

Make sure everyone learns something while they’re together. Encourage family members, young and old, to tell funny or interesting stories about their lives and experiences they’ve shared. Give everyone a chance to speak, and maybe even come up with some thought-starter questions to help shier individuals participate.


Every family has a unique personality. Make sure you do whatever your family likes to do to enjoy and honor each other. This could take the form of a dance party, talent show, photo shoot, volleyball tournament, collective art project — or all of the above!

Begin Bonding Along the Way

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