Discover America By Train: Tips for International Travelers

Discover America By Train: Tips for International Travelers

In 2015, we had over half a million international passengers travel with us, looking to explore America the Beautiful in a unique and exciting way. Many of them ask us questions on tips for traveling, and so we thought we’d make an easy reference guide below for those of you across the pond (or Pacific) . This brochure has lots of great info on traveling with us, but below are 5 most commonly asked questions:

1) If you’re abroad looking to start traveling with Amtrak, where do you start?
Many international travelers work with third-party travel agents to plan their Amtrak Adventures. These agents are typically familiar with how to book and plan your Amtrak trip. However, for those of you planning your own trip, is definitely the place to start. It’s available in 5 different languages, and features everything from easy booking to route guide information. Don’t forget to check out, which has tips on first-time traveling with us, as well as fun things to do at some of the #500Destinations we serve.

2) What sort of identification is required?
A valid passport ID is required for all of our international travelers, and you may be asked to present it at the ticket office or on board.

3) Any tips in general for connecting from your international flight to Amtrak?
Most international flights arrive in major American cities that are also served by Amtrak. So for example, visiting passengers from Asia can take a short cab ride or shuttle to Los Angeles’ Union Station from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). European travelers can easily connect to Amtrak just outside the airport at Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI), or an approximately 35 minute metro ride from Dulles International (IAD) to Union Station in DC. Flying into New York? Penn Station is a manageable cab ride from most major New York airports. With over 500 Amtrak-served destinations in the United States, chances are there’s an Amtrak station near the airport waiting to whisk you away to fun and adventure.

4) Anything else to keep in mind?
With both cross country trains spanning the width of the United States, to  Northeast Corridor trains connecting you to the cities of the East Coast, there’s plenty to see and do. Our most scenic train routes are the Coast StarlightEmpire Builder, and California Zephyr. They connect through Chicago to trains that will connect to the Northeast Regional or high-speed Acela that can take you to cities like New York or Philadelphia. Once on the East Coast, the Northeast Corridor trains will take you from Washington, D.C. to Boston and everywhere in between. Whether you arrive on the East or West Coast of America, you can easily connect from coast-to-coast. The possibilities are endless! Oh, and keep your cameras and iPhones ready because there’s some amazing photos you’ll want to upload to Instagram or share with your friends and family when you get back home. Don’t forget to tag us #Amtrak @amtrak — we might feature your travels on our feeds!

5) Is there any specific support for international travelers before during and after travels?
There’s lots of support for our international passengers. The website, toll-free international number 1-800-872-7245, friendly customer service agents at the ticket desk, and on board staff such as conductors are happy to take your questions 24/7.

Todos a bordo, Allen aan boord, Tutti a bordo — however you say it, All Aboard and welcome to America. We can’t wait to have you with us.