#AmtrakStories: ‘It’s my Rolling Oasis’ – Wilma

#AmtrakStories: ‘It’s my Rolling Oasis’ – Wilma

Meet Wilma. An Acela rider with lots of love for the train that provides her with convenience and speed. Traveling about once a month from New York City to Washington, DC, Wilma is an Amtrak Guest Reward Select Executive member and as we quickly learned, quite the quiet car enthusiast. We recently chatted with Wilma to hear her Amtrak Story as part of our Acela 15th Anniversary Acelabrations.

Why do you chose Acela over other ways to travel in the Northeast?
It’s just easier. Why deal with the hassles of plane travel – or the bus – when I can simply jump on the train and go. There’s an Acela almost every hour, every day. It gives me the flexibility I need to travel when I want – at a moment’s notice. Simply, the Acela is more efficient. It helps me get to my destinations faster.

What do you like most about riding Acela?
Riding the Acela is my “treat” to myself. I am a fan of the Quiet Car. It’s my rolling oasis where I can catch up on work, read and relax. It’s a wonderful quiet place amongst the hustle and bustle of train travel.

Has taking the train helped your business or improved your work life balance? If so, how?
Traveling in the Quiet Car gives me that “me” time where I can unwind after a long day at work.

Most frequent Acela riders have an interesting/funny only on Acela story to share. Do you have one?
Well, there’s often some drama going on in the Quiet Car – someone talking – or worse, their phone going off – and the offender gets reprimanded by fellow travelers. You need a thick skin to ride the QC. It’s like a private club with our own set of unsaid rules – plus the rules of the train. Break them at your own risk. LOL. The first time I rode the QC, I committed the offense of forgetting to silence my phone. Of course it rang and of course it was at the bottom of my bag. So while I was fumbling to stop the noise, the person sitting across from me very sternly  “put me in my place” and then I felt like I was doing the walk of shame while trying to rush out of the car to take the call. Lesson learned. I never made that mistake again.

Have you ever run into any one interesting on Acela (politician, writer, celebrity, athlete, old college buddy, etc.)?
Sadly, no. But if I did, it would be unfortunate because there’s no talking in the Quiet Car. LOL.