The Experience of Amtrak

The Experience of Amtrak

Sure, you could take other modes of travel to your destination, but only Amtrak can provide the unique experience of arriving by rail. Whether it’s traveling between cities, or making a cross-country trip of a lifetime, we invite you rediscover what is possible when your ride the rails.

When you see America by rail you’re instantly immersed in the picturesque landscapes that make this country America the beautiful. Cityscapes, mountain views and wide open spaces blend together to create the backdrops to your Amtrak Stories.

You step on the train and in an instant you feel the difference. Train time is your time. Space and room to stretch out or curl up, clean your inbox or clear your mind—with the train you define your trip. Yes, it’s about the destination, but at Amtrak we are all about the journey.

“When you’re on the train, you’re not alone for the ride. It brings people together and you build relationships. It’s been kind of fun. Some people are ending their trip, other times it’s just fellow commuters talking about what’s going on for the day,” said Elizabeth, frequent Amtrak Rider.

We take pride in taking millions of people where they want to go everyday of the year. But the connections made, the memories shared and the horizons broaden are what make train travel an experience all should try. Whether you’re thinking about booking your first trip or your thirtieth, we’re here to not only take you to your destination but help you embrace the experience along the way. All Aboard!