From Planes to Trains, A Chat with a NE Business Traveler

From Planes to Trains, A Chat with a NE Business Traveler

Julie HallAs a marketing professional with offices in Boston and New York, traveling between the two cities is something of the norm for Julie. In the past, her work trips involved flying through the air but after one Amtrak ride she transformed into a self-proclaimed “passionate influencer for Amtrak.” For her, the frequent travel has the led to one conclusion: in the Northeast, the best way to get from point A to point B is by train.

“I used to fly between Boston and New York all the time,” she told us. “But one time the flights didn’t fit my schedule. My husband took the train all the time, so I decided to do the same. I found that traveling by train was less taxing on me, more efficient and more civilized. Today, the thought of air travel exhausts me.”

As someone who takes the train about twice a month, Julie happily shared a few of her favorite Amtrak perks. “Definitely the Quiet Car,” she said. “If someone calls me, I just text back and say I’m in the Quiet Car. I enjoy having the time to myself. I get stuff done and have time to sit and reflect. It really is a time for mindfulness.”

For many Amtrak business travelers, the ride isn’t only about peace and quiet. It’s about the constructive use of time. And for Julie, the more she travels, the more she realizes she values that time.

Aclea“When I take the train, I arrive in New York Penn and a 10-15 minute walk later I’m at my office in Midtown. When you fly you have about an hour or so of traffic from the airport to Midtown. The train gives me extra time to do work. People think it’s a waste of time because you could get there faster. But it’s really a more conducive use of time,” she explained. “To sit and be quiet is great. When I arrive I’m more focused, more relaxed, more rested. With the train I literally sit and can get three to four hours of time to get focused for the day. It’s a no brainer for me at this point. The train is the way to go.”

Now that Julie is a plane-to-train convert and a seasoned business rider, we wanted to find out what tips she might have for first time Amtrak business riders.

“Sit in the Quiet Car,” she said. “Bring snacks and indulge in the biggest coffee you can find. Enjoy the four hours of solo time to read and relax. But make sure you look up and look out the window so you enjoy the beautiful coastal views. It’s the opportunity to experience a brief mini-vacation on your way to work. Enjoy it.”

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