How to Work Like a Boss on Amtrak

How to Work Like a Boss on Amtrak

There are many benefits to train travel – the ability to plug in, plenty o’ legroom and the beautiful views as you chug on towards a new city. But did you know that getting work done on Amtrak is not only easy, but enjoyable?

Wi-Fi? Why, yes!

Thanks to the free Wi-Fi on nearly all of our trains, you’ll be able to check off those to-do’s and fire away those emails. Hop on and spread out until you pull into your final destination.

Train time is found time. 

On a cross country #AmtrakAdventure? Here’s where you get to relax, look out the window, and get inspired. Want to write the Next Great American Novel like our Amtrak Residents? Train time is your time. Get lost in your thoughts (or in the gorgeous changing landscapes of America) and pen that haiku or short story.

Room to roam.

Our cozy seats, big picture windows, dual-plug outlets, and generous legroom mean that you’re not distracted by discomfort.

Coffee anyone?

What’s the key to keeping sharp when churning out reports (or populating a Pinterest board)? Coffee and tasty treats! Our cafe car has ’em and will ensure you have the tools you need to fuel your productivity. When you need to take a break and stretch your legs, the cafe car also makes for a great place to meet new people.

Equal parts work and play.

Sometimes all work and no play makes you, well you know. So when you’re tired of writing memos or creating presentations, pull out your favorite hobby. We’ve seen everything on the train from stunning watercolors to intricate crochet masterpieces. Get out there and get creative! (And don’t forget to tag us @amtrak or via #Amtrak on Instagram so we can feature your artistic awesomeness on our feed!)

Do you have any train productivity hacks? Tips for your fellow riders? Let us know on Twitter!