Amtrak Vets: Meet Antoinett

Amtrak Vets: Meet Antoinett

lbyyZvgHNqhymftU-dESrgSzBJFCLncm3Qjg7BSwy8uLdrNhqeS9kn_535RYS0w_S7pT6dyu-jDuM3c34u3ZGzDRdXADCSmkT-6sso178_EdEcxUTngcJkZ_ASzDc8AV9yUFMlGfhGO_LpNP1bRI-700x635At Amtrak, we take hiring our heroes seriously. When the veterans of the Armed Forces come back from service, whether they’re in active duty or in the National Guard or Reserve, America can benefit immensely from the skill sets and values they bring to the workplace. One of those vets is Antoinett Williams.

Antoinett Williams’s 11 year career with the U.S. Coast Guard touched on many different facets of the military branch’s functions, from marine safety to personnel management. As a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) analyst in the Information Technology department, Williams puts this unique skill set to work analyzing systems for maximum efficiency and minimum waste.

“LSS was originally a manufacturing methodology that sought to analyze how companies organized themselves and their work,” she says. “Tasks or procedures that are analyzed using LSS principles are looked at according to their effectiveness and ways in which we can standardize them to streamline efforts and save the company time and money.”

Williams serves as a mentor in the LSS training process to employees in various departments. She also applies LSS principles to the Quality Control Testing Process, which ensures that IT functions are effectively supporting Amtrak daily operations. Williams says her experience in the Coast Guard prepared her well for work at Amtrak.

“Both are large organizations with thousands of members, and both deal with complex processes and systems. My experiences in the military translate very well to Amtrak, and I’m excited to apply my skills to supporting our company goals of safety and security, financial excellence and customer focus.”

As part of our commitment to hiring veterans, we’ve partnered with 45 Military Transition Program Offices, and attended over 50 military hiring events. We’ve also commissioned a special veterans ACS64 locomotive along the Northeast Corridor. It joins its sister P42 veterans locomotive, which runs on cross country routes.

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