A Guide to Tasty Train Treats

A Guide to Tasty Train Treats

Let’s be real. Sometimes, the highlight to our day is a great sandwich or perfectly poured cocktail. At Amtrak, we see our food and beverage service as an integral part to our hospitality. From golden lemon pepper cod to lobster salad, or chocolate mousse to strawberry cheesecake, there’s something for everyone on Amtrak (literally everyone — we provide sugar-free treats and standard vegetarian fare, as well as vegan options with easy advanced ordering instructions upon booking).

There are three unique food and beverage services on our trains nationwide, and we’re about to give you the break down (including links to full menus for your browsing pleasure).

1) Cafe Car: The Cafe Car can be found on many of our trains, and stocks everything from local craft beers, wine and premium spirits to your favorite childhood snacks (here’s looking at you, all beef Hebrew Kosher National Frank!). The Cafe Car is perfect for when you need a hot cup of coffee to fuel your creative writing, or get your chocolate fix in. You can also take a seat at one of the Cafe Car’s dining tables and get comfy while you chow down. Offerings vary on all of our short-trip routes, but rest assured there’s something to satisfy your cravings.

2) Acela: Acela has two unique dining options. For First Class guests, they can expect menu items crafted by Michelin-rated chefs. Some of these options will take Instagramming your food to a whole new level like hickory-smoked bacon and caramelized onion omelette with a side of red bliss potatoes, or a scallop and cucumber salad served with green papaya and a sweet chili sauce. Not that hungry? Order a brie, smoked gouda and blue cheese plate with a glass of champagne. Tres posh! Take a look at the full menu here. For our Business Class passengers, the Acela Cafe Car has many of the same items as the above-mentioned Cafe Car, but with enhanced additions such as artisan sandwiches and a vegetable crudite cup with dip. Read more on the Acela Cafe car here.

3) Dining Car: The Dining Car is by far an Amtrak fan favorite. For breakfast,  Railroad French Toast is our most popular item (although the Swiss Cheese and veggie omelette with a side of buttery grits is super tasty too). Lunchtime gives you some delicious burger options (like the chipotle black bean and corn veggie burger), and dinner time is all about steak, herb-roasted chicken or lemon pepper cod. There’s also something for the kids with yummy macaroni and cheese or chicken fingers with veggies. You can view the full range of Dining Car menus from all of our cross country routes here. Keep in mind that all meals are included in the price of sleeping accommodations ticket! On some of our cross country trains, you can enjoy wine and cheese tastings as you gaze out Observation Car windows at stunning vistas. Views with a side of chardonnay? Yes please!

Come hit the rails with us and never leave hungry. Do you have a favorite train treat? Click To Tweet Let us know in the comments below. #Nom