Your Boston City Guide, College Edition

Your Boston City Guide, College Edition

Boston Student College towns are great, but college cities have a little more to offer the students, faculty, alumni and parents that live, work and travel to them. This week we’re making a stop in Boston, a city with more than 100 colleges and universities in the region. We chatted with Ingrid, a Boston College student and Boston native to get her student approved recommendations for her city. If Ingrid’s words inspire you to plan a trip, act fast so you can save on your next trip with us.

Amtrak: What’s the best thing about calling Boston home?
Ingrid: Boston is special because it doesn’t feel like a big city! You can get lost in the winding streets and pop out somewhere you’ve never been before or somewhere you’ve been a million times- either way, it’s beautiful and it’s home.

What are some of your favorite events in the city or on campus that you think visitors would enjoy?
At the end of the school year, the Boston Marathon is a HUGE event, both for the city and on campus! Most students get up earlier than they normally would for classes in order to cheer the athletes on and partake in the day’s festivities.

I’ve recently discovered the Lawn On D in Southie which is super fun! They have different events all summer, including music, food, movies, and art installations! In the colder months, I’m partial to ice skating on The Frog Pond in the Common, especially on student nights. It’s a great way to get outside and get moving despite the cold!

For kids (or kids-at-heart who don’t mind dirty looks from parents), the Boston Children’s Museum is an absolute blast! I have so many good memories of going to what amounts to a building-sized playground! For those who would prefer a more serene environment, Boston has so many amazing art museums- check out the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (and their Third Thursday events!), the Museum of Fine Art, or the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Where is the best place on campus to snap an Instagram – worthy photo?
BC has this one building that has become the quintessential student instagram- it even has its own hashtag! Check out the #GassOnGram (s) then try and tell me that Boston College doesn’t have an absolutely gorgeous campus!

If you only have one full day in Boston what would you do?
I would build in some time for wandering- you never know what you’d discover! For a more organized outing, the Duck Tours are actually really fun and a great way to see all of the city- both by land and by sea! If in season, I’d also try to catch a Red Sox game. Ending a day in Boston at Fenway Park is always a good idea!

Can you share some recommendations for a great place to grab a bite with a group of friends?
There are restaurants up and down Newbury Street, and you can find any kind of food you want… but if you want authentic Italian, definitely head to the North End! While you’re there, join in on the debate: does Mike’s have the best pastries in Boston? You’ll find very passionate individuals on both sides of the argument!

IngridFor the 21+ over Boston visitors out there, where would you recommend they go for a beer or cocktail?
The bars around Fenway are really fun! You’ll see sports bars, the House of Blues, and Jillian’s Lucky Strike bowling/bar- all right next to each other! You’re sure to find somewhere that strikes your fancy!

Fill in the Blank: No trip to Boston is complete without a trip to _____________?
I feel like many of the places I’ve mentioned – Lawn on D, The Boston Common Public Garden, Newbury Street (I tend to lump them together since they’re so close to one another!), museums, Fenway, the North End – would have been great fits for this blank, but since I haven’t yet brought it up, I’m going to go with Harvard Square! Surrounding Harvard’s beautiful campus, right next to the Charles River, and chock full of cool shops and restaurants, Harvard Square is a great place to spend a couple hours!

Last question, why is Boston a great place to visit?
Boston is a very multi-faceted place, so the reason to visit could be different for everyone! This city played a huge part in the American Revolution and has been home to many influential artists and politicians, making it an amazing place to visit for history buffs and popular culture enthusiasts alike. We’re a hub for colleges and hospitals, so many people come for undergrad or med school. Boston is also beautiful, so there is an aesthetic reason to visit as well! Altogether, I think Boston is a great place to visit because it is unlike anywhere else- and isn’t that why people travel?

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