Your End of Summer Destination List

Your End of Summer Destination List

Summer is halfway over. We know, we know, it pains us too. Instead of weeping, let’s plan one, two or even three more Amtrak adventures before the end of the summer. Whatdaya say?

As always, we’re here with summer spots worth the ride. And now, we’re not just talking sweet cities to discover. We’re talking music and food festivals, baseball games and more.  So don’t let the end of summer get you down. Pick an event, book an Amtrak ticket and keep the party going!

Music Festivals
Fun fact, we love taking you anywhere you want to go. While there are a bunch of music festivals in summer’s rear view, we’re armed you with four more to trek to.
Amtrak Recommendation: make a playlist for the ride there and bring your eye mask and ear plugs for the nap ride back.

FYF Fest : August 22-23
Your Stop: Los Angeles Union Station
Routes: California Zephyr, Coast Starlight, Texas Eagle
Deal: Everyday Low Fares

Music Fest NW: August 21 -23
Your Stop: Portland Union Station
Routes: Amtrak Cascades, Coast Starlight and Empire Builder
Deal: Save 25% on Amtrak Cascades

North Coast Music Festival: September 4-6
Your Stop: Chicago Union Station
Routes: Capitol Limited, Lake Shore Limited, California Zephyr and More
Deals: Amtrak Saver Fares 20% on Select Routes

Made in America: September 5 & 6
Your Stop:  30th Street Station, Philadelphia
Routes: Northeast Regional, Acela, Keystone and More
Deals: Book Early and Save 25% on Acela

Food Festivals
Full and friggin’ happy, four words that belong together, especially in the summer time. Let’s be honest, you’ve barbequed, state faired and beer fest’d all summer why stop indulging now? There are food festivals that need your help. Peek at these Amtrak friendly ones.

Beer and Bourbon: July 31 – August 1
Your Stop: Cary, NC
Routes: Carolinian/Piedmont and Silver Service/Palmetto
Deals: Kids Ride for $5 in North Carolina

San Diego Spirits Festival: August 22 – 23
Your Stop: San Diego, CA
Route: Pacific Surfliner
Deal: Everyday Low Fares

And Even More
Still haven’t found a festival that speaks to you? That’s cool, here are even more. Get a ticket to ride to the game, the museum or even the Special Olympics World Games. Like we said, we want your summer to be memorable.  So pick a destination and get ready to enjoy journey.

Oakland A’s Home Game: All Summer
Your Stop: Oakland Coliseum/Airport
Route: Capitol Corridor
Deal: Save 25% to an Oakland A’s Home Game

Special Olympics World Games: July 25 – August 2
Your Stop: Los Angeles Union Station
Routes: California Zephyr, Coast Starlight, Texas Eagle
Deal: Everyday Low Fares

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: All Summer
Your Stop: Cleveland, OH
Routes: Capitol Limited and  Lake Shore Limited
Deal: Save 15% on travel to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame