Part II: Enjoying the Journey

Part II: Enjoying the Journey

pic for you-1Last week chatted with Mayra, a Peruvian fashion designer studying at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) about her excitement leading up to her trip to Washington, DC as part of the Smithsonian Folk Festival – Peru Pachamama. Now that she and fellow students have completed the first part of their trip, we wanted to see how they enjoyed the journey. So we reached out Sen, an apparel design major in his final year at FIT to find out what he thought about the ride.

Amtrak: Was this your first time taking Amtrak trip to Washington, DC?
This was my third or fourth time visiting Washington, DC, but the first time using Amtrak for a fashion event in a diplomacy environment. I have also taken the train from Newark to Baltimore, and really enjoyed the experience. I have also used the Shinkansen in Japan and the Peruvian railroad on my way to Macchu Picchu.

What did you think of your ride?
I think Amtrak is very democratic and provides to any user a very comfortable experience, no matter what the ticket price is.

How did you pass the time on the train? What were able to enjoy some of the Amtrak perks you on the train?
Actually, I wanted to take a nap or talk to my peers. But had to finish a project and it was perfect. That´s the good thing of Amtrak they have wide range of options. I didn’t have breakfast that day and got some fresh bananas in the café bar. There is also plenty leg room and had to use the free wifi.

What did you think of the train stations?
I like the options at Union Station, but they are all different. In New York, Krispy Kreme they have one of the best doughnuts in the city. If you don´t like something there you can simply walk away and see what´s happening out there.

Now that you’ve taken your trip, we’re wondering, would you take the train again? 
Definitely, traveling by train it´s always in mind. I find it very pragmatic and never get stressed.

Sen and his fellow students traveled on the Northeast Regional to participate in the Smithsonian Folk Festival, an annual festival held on the National Mall.