Virginia is for Food Lovers

Virginia is for Food Lovers

 New Grub Like a Girl Image2We caught up with Richmond, Va. local Bethany Frazier of the local food and culture scene blog Grub Like a Girl to get the scoop on why a trip to Richmond is a must-do.

“When I moved to Richmond in 2011, I felt a little out of place, but at the same time I quickly fell in love with its food culture,” Bethany notes. “I decided I’d journal my experiences, then it quickly became something more than I hoped for. The discovery never ends. I’m constantly unearthing new (and old) places to eat, festivals, food trends and traditions.”

Amtrak: Let’s get the most important question out of the way, especially for all our foodies out there — what are the best places to eat?
Bethany: I’m oblivious to the tight, dark and noisy dining room at Edo’s Squid because they serve the best Italian food in the city. Don’t miss their braised fennel, it’s killer. Perly’s Restaurant & Delicatessen is my current obsession (I’m there at least once a week), everything is amazing from their Matzoh Ball soup and savory duck pierogies to their warm chocolate babka with special-made macaroon ice cream (from Bev’s Homemade Ice Cream).  For southern food, I rely on Comfort (best squash casserole…ever) or Pasture for their noteworthy happy hour and Ritz crackers & pimento cheese. A recent date night at L’Opossum made me a believer this is by far the sexiest restaurant in the city, with an aphrodisiac-inspired menu and a 1970’s Las Vegas decor with kitschy hints of Twin Peaks.

For a day of arts and culture, what do you recommend? 
Get active! Walking or biking is the best way to immerse yourself in the city. From Carytown to Church Hill, there are sights of performance artists, historic landmarks, street art and of course, plenty of people watching. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is wonderful as well —  see the exhibits, grab some food in their restaurant Amuse and lay out on the grassy hills for some sunshine.

unnamed (1)Are there any must-visit shopping places?
Rosewood Clothing Co. is a lovely brick and mortar store with new, found and handmade apparel, beauty & health products and jewelry. For food, Harvest Grocery + Supply is on point – they carry amazing local produce, goods and essentials. 

Anything else a first-time visitor should be sure to do in one of America’s most historic cities? 
If you’re a beer lover, I urge you to visit Hardywood Brewery.  It’s my favorite brewery in Richmond (and there are many) who craft great and simple beers. Feeling like a history buff? Walk or bike down Monument Avenue to ohh and ahh over beautiful historic homes and landmarks. For a unique experience take a quick drive south to Hollywood Cemetery in Oregon Hill. It features rolling hills of beautiful ornate headstones (two U.S. Presidents buried here!) and stellar views of the city.

Do you have any Richmond tips? Let us know in the comments below! Oh, and getting to Richmond is a snap with Amtrak. Just hop on a Northeast Regional train and you’re ready to explore this Southern gem.