5 Ways To Rock the Observation Car

5 Ways To Rock the Observation Car

There are many reasons why train travel is simply the best. The relaxed pace, plenty of room to roam, and the views. Oh, the views.

There are many things you can't see from 30,000 feet. Click To Tweet A bird’s eye view of the Rockies is picturesque, but winding through snow-capped valleys alongside running streams, log cabins and wild life is seeing them in a whole new light.

How are those views so good, you ask? The exclusive Amtrak Sightseer Lounge, or Observation Car. We even put windows on the ceiling to make sure you get views from every angle, making sunsets a snap to Instagram. Here are some of our favorite things to do in the Observation Car:

1) Watch the views roll by: Just sit and soak in the prairie sunsets, emerald green forests, or wild oceans. Feast your eyes on amber waves of grain, majestic mountains or babbling brooks. Our tracks take you to places planes, cars, and buses can’t, so make sure to post up and (re)discover America the Beautiful.

2) Listen to tunes: The sounds of the train are catchy on their own — that iconic whistle that sings adventure, or the click-n-clack of the tracks that say you’re on your way. But loading up some of your favorite tunes while peeping those gorgeous views makes them all the more enjoyable. May we suggest some train classics like “Locomotion” or “Midnight Train to Georgia”?

3) Read: Multitask like a pro and in between chapters of the latest best seller or hot-off-the-press magazine you picked up at the station, take in the changing landscapes.

4) Strike up a convo: The Dining Car isn’t the only place to make new friends. Chatting with fellow travelers in the Observation Car is a great way share the experience.

5) Snack: Our Cafe Cars are the primo place to grab some of your favorite snacks like pizza, veggie burgers, soda or spirits. Popping peanut M&M’s while watching the landscapes fly by is like being at a movie —  but better.

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