Five Train-Able Presidential Hometowns

Five Train-Able Presidential Hometowns

Looking for a fun train trip full of US history? Why not get back to our nation’s roots and see where it all began for some of the 45 men elected to lead our nation. Below is a list of some trainable presidential hometowns with plenty to see and do:

New York City, NY

As the youngest president to take office (he was 42 years old), Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. hails from the city that is also our busiest station in the Amtrak system, New York City. Before he became our nation’s 26th president, he wore many hats including New York City Police Commissioner. Today, fourteen Amtrak routes pass through Roosevelt’s hometown including the Northeast Regional, Adirondack, Crescent and many others.

Cincinnati, OH

Served by our Cardinal/Hoosier State, our 27th president William Howard Taft called Cincy home. While he didn’t take one of our trains when he traveled to The District to take office, he is the only person to serve as president and chief justice of the United States. How’s that for a fun fact!

Hope ArkansasOmaha, NE and Grand Rapids MI

Leslie Lynch King, Jr., was our 38th president, our 40th vice president and known to you as Gerald Ford. Born in Omaha, Nebraska President Ford grew up in Grand Rapids, MI making him a two for one on our presidential hometown list. Frequent Amtrak riders know that our California Zephyr, one of our most scenic routes, makes a daily stop in Omaha. While his home base in Grand Rapids is the last stop on the Pere Marquette, which part of our Michigan Services routes.

Hope, Arkansas

Back in April 2013, we expanded service on our Texas Eagle to include Hope, Arkansas which happens to be the birthplace of William Jefferson Clinton, our 42nd president. Our Texas Eagle is one of our longest routes traveling from Chicago to Los Angles making stops in numerous Texas cities including Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

New Haven, CT

Our 43rd president is typically associated with the state of Texas, but New Haven, Connecticut gets the honor of being the birthplace of George W. Bush. When he lived in DC, our Acela or Northeast Regional would have been the routes of choice for a quick getaway to New England. But as resident’s of Texas once again, our Texas Eagle and Sunset Limited are the routes that can take him on his own Amtrak adventure.

Are you planning a trip with us sometime soon? Tell us the presidential hometowns you’d like us to take you to in the comment section below.