Savannah On Our Mind

Savannah On Our Mind

aa1The next stop on our blog tour of the South leads us to Savannah, Georgia. Our guide today is Autumn Van Gunten, editor of You’re Welcome Savannah, a blog that covers Savannah’s culture, food and arts scene. Autumn shares her picks to explore for locals and newbies alike:

Amtrak: Tell us a little but about what makes Savannah unique? What would people be surprised to know?
Autumn: Savannah is a close-knit, creative community. We are an uplifting bunch  filled with fine art artists, freelance writers, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinkers. A lot of the downtown community live under one creative umbrella, supporting and recognizing the crafts of others. In short, the people that make up Savannah is what makes Savannah unique. We are creators and doers. Hustlers and lovers of community. We make this town.

Let’s talk food: Best spots for brunch or happy hour?
Savannah has some wonderful dining options. Chive Seabar & Lounge has a delightful weekend brunch that they recently launched. Plus, their Bloody Mary has the perfect punch to start your Saturday morning! A favorite hangout with the girls for happy hour would have to be Pacci. Located inside of the Brice Hotel, their cocktails change with the seasons and are always fresh and perfectly poured. One of my favorite places to dine in town is Leoci’s. A dinner date over wild mushroom risotto, or freshly-made pasta and a bottle of wine is perfect on any given evening

Tell us about the arts and culture scene of Savannah. Are there noteworthy fashion stops, galleries or museums?
Savannah is on the brink of change. Big box business is moving in, and while I’m are excited for J.Crew and H&M to join Broughton Street, my heart will always be with the small boutiques. NOLAjane just opened in the Starland District and have both men and women’s wear.  Red Clover and Trunk 13aa are wonderful shops for quick pick-me-ups. You know that you can always depend on them for providing amazing fashion finds that won’t break your piggy bank. I also enjoy Copper Penny for when I’m needing something really special for a grand evening on the town. All are locally owned and all offer the feeling of friendship when you enter their doors. They know your name and they can lead you directly to things they know you will love — always a plus.

A first-timer is looking to make the most of their Savannah visit, where should they go? 
A first-timer to Savannah? Grab you a traveler, put on some cute flats and get out and explore! Maybe take a tour bus to gather your whereabouts, but my advice is this: Plan on coming and spending time in our parks and our squares. Plan on picking up some beautiful finds such as local art or jewelry. Sample some craft beers and visit Service Brewing or Southbound Brewery. Stop in for an afternoon sweet and coffee at The Paris Market. Find a bar stool at Pinkie Masters and be prepared for anything to happen. Seek out the Cotton Sail Hotel on River Street and take the elevator up the Top Deck bar to enjoy beautiful scenery and festive cocktails. Stop by Six Pence Pub for a perfectly poured Guinness. Eat, drink, shop local, and be merry!

aa2Is there anything else out-of-towners should know about Savannah?
We are a friendly city and we love to share Savannah with visitors. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions! We will share with you places we love and places to totally avoid. I first visited Savannah 12 years ago. I came for a visit and never left, so be prepared to come and fall in love. We often end up on a wild range of lists. We’re a romantic city, an affordable city, a haunted city, a creative city, a beautiful city — we’re a brilliant mixture of everything.


There you have it! Savannah through the eyes of a local with unique tastes sure to hit everything on your list. With Amtrak’s Palmetto/Silver Service making regular stops in Savannah, it’s easy to plan a weekend getaway and see this Peach State gem yourself.