Four City Pair Amtrak Getaways

We can all agree that weekend getaways are amazing. They give us an opportunity to discover or in some cases, rediscover a city. They allow us to recharge and relax. It’s easy to wait for the next four-day weekend, but we say why wait? We hand picked four city pairs perfect for a quick getaway. Read fast and book early because with one-way fares as cheap as $14, these seats won’t last forever.

LA_SDLos Angeles to San Diego
Are you interested in seeing why Ron Burgundy loved San Diego so much? Hop on our Pacific Surfliner, head south and about three hours later you’ll be shouting aqua lung. Word to the wise, grab a cup of coffee in the cafe car before the train leaves the station because this route hugs the coast line and you won’t want to miss a minute of these SoCal views. Fun Fact: Riders can roll bikes on and off on this route. Learn more!

Chicago to Milwaukee
Winter might be around the corner, but true Midwesterners don’t let the threat of a little (or a lot) of snow keep them from a good weekend Amtrak adventure. With seven round trips Monday thru Saturday (six on Sunday), this quick trip gives riders a chance to stretch out and relax. Honestly, why would you drive when you can enjoy free wifi, nap or chat instead? Also, our sleds do pretty good in the snow so you don’t have to worry about a winter flurry or two affecting your travel plans.
Fun Fact: Silence is golden; our Hiawatha Service is equipped with quiet cars. Thank us later!

San Antonio to Austin
With all there is to do in Austin, there’s no need to wait for #AmtrakLIVE before you book your ticket on our Texas Eagle. Whether it’s a weekend trip or day trip, this ride is under three hours and great for first time riders.  Not sure what to do when you get there? Check out the recommendations from this Austin local.
Fun Fact: Because our Texas Eagle is a long-distance train, riders get to enjoy all the perks including dining and observation cars.

DC_RichmondWashington, DC to Richmond
If you live on the east coast, you know the drive between DC and Richmond is well…um…insert colorful language here. As America’s Railroad, we say let us do the driving EVERY time. With tons to do in Richmond and plenty of time to relax on the train,  we say book your ticket for on the Northeast Regional, so you can explore the River City with ease.
Fun Fact:  The Northeast Regional is one of our most popular routes.

We picked a few of our favorite city pairs, now it’s your turn. What city pair do you recommend? Tell us in the comment section below.