Making the Ride a Little Brighter with psychylustro

If you’ve traveled along our Northeast Corridor recently you may have thought to yourself, ‘What’s with all the neon?’ Well, we’re here to dispel the rumors. No it’s not a result of an epic game of  paintball. It’s psychylustro a temporary art installation by contemporary artist, Katharina Grosse.

Presented by The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, this public art project is a literal landscape painting with an explosion of seven bold color passages. As Grosse explains, the art parallels the movement: “This kind of experience — that your life is constantly in that kind of changing mode — is something I’ve always been fascinated by. And this time we have an extra tool, which is the train.”

Amtrak riders traveling on our Northeast Corridor route between 30th Street and North Philadelphia Stations can use their window as the frame to view the art from either side of the train.

Traveling with us soon? We invite you to enhance your viewing experience by calling (215) 525-104 to hear interviews with the artist, learn more about the rail corridor and experience an audio interpretation by sound artist Jesse Kudler. And for our Instagram savvy riders out there, we invite you share your photos of psychylustro with us using the hashtags #Amtrak and #psychylustro.