A Quiet, Calm Adventure Is Just What This Artist Ordered

Katie RodgersLast month, Katie Rodgers, the illustrator behind the popular blog Paper Fashion, set out on a midnight train to Georgia. For her first overnight train experience she road on our Silver Service from the bright lights of New York City to the hostess city of the south, Savannah, Georgia. When she returned to her home in NYC, we caught up with her to see what inspiration she was able to draw from overnight train travel. Here’s what the talented artist and Instagram photographer extraordinaire had to say about her unique trip.

Amtrak: When you rode the Silver Service, how did you use your time on the train? 
Katie: To relax! There was no wifi in my car, which turned out to be a blessing- I didn’t open my laptop once. It was a much needed break from the online world. I read, I painted, I stared mindlessly out the window at the beautifully fading sunset. I met fellow travelers… it was a great time. What I imagine travel used to be like many years ago.

We often hear that people are inspired when they ride our trains. As an artist, did the trip spark any creativity?
Absolutely. The train took me to another place, somewhere calm and imaginative. I didn’t feel confined to my chair as I usually do when I travel… It was freeing to be able to get up and walk around on a moving train and hear the soothing rumble of the train gliding on its tracks. It is a wonderful feeling to know you’re on an adventure, and as soon as morning comes you’ll be in a whole new place… ready for you to explore.

What’s your favorite part about riding the train?Katie Rodgers watercolor
For me, it’s the quiet. I’ve taken the train numerous times between New York and Boston, and I instinctively go to the quiet car every time. Sitting on a quiet train soaking in the scenery just outside the window… it’s a great feeling. It almost transports you back to another time!

Do you have any advice for people who are first-time riders? Any insider tips? 
Bring music, reading material, or something to do that disconnects you from the digital world. Also, don’t forget to look out the window! Sometimes you can see wonderful things.

If you could go anywhere by train, where would you go? 
I’m dying to see the views on the Coast Starlight or the Cascades.

Want to see highlights from Katie’s trip to Savannah? Check out her slideshow!

What is your favorite part of the overnight train experience? Tell us in the comments below!