Why Joe Biden Thinks America Needs Amtrak


Earlier this month hundreds of you came out to your local National Train Day celebrations to tell us why trains matter to you.

It was an awesome celebration of what connects our communities. But we’re not the only ones that think trains matter. U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden, does too!

In a feature interview with Arrive Magazine’s January – February 2010 issue, Biden explained Why America Needs Trains:

“Amtrak doesn’t just carry us from one place to another–it makes things possible that otherwise wouldn’t be. For 36 years, I was able to make most of those birthday parties, to get home to read bedtime stories, to cheer for my children at their soccer games. Simply put, Amtrak gave me–and countless other Americans–more time with my family.”

It also gave Biden more time with his country. Remember when he and president-elect Barack Obama took Amtrak to their first inauguration in 2009?

Most importantly, trains give passengers a more eco-friendly way to travel. We’re always trying to reduce our diesel fuel use, and today, we’re 14 percent more energy efficient than planes, and 31 percent more efficient than cars.

Want to read learn more about Amtrak’s history? Visit history.amtrak.com!