Check Out these Epic Amtrak Postcards

Check Out these Epic Amtrak Postcards

Back in the 1970s, Amtrak created awesome postcards to highlight our trains, family-friendly service, and the spectacular views from our cross-country journeys. Check out some of the most epic Amtrak postcards that were sold on board and in our stations, as well as gifted to sleeping car passengers for free.


Chugging away in the first Amtrak paint scheme, the Coast Starlight made for a great adventure-inspired postcard  in 1974.

Postcard_Expo 74_front_1974

This colorful Amtrak postcard from 1974 illustrates the Expo ’74 fairgrounds in Spokane, Wash. Celebrating the environmental movement, the Expo was a timely event for Amtrak, which hit its record ridership that year with 18.5 million passengers, many of whom tried the train due to the 1973-1974 OPEC Oil Embargo, which caused gasoline shortages.


To promote travel to Florida in the 1970s, Amtrak featured none other than Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla in this majestic postcard.


Doesn’t this decadent dining car scene from a 1970s Amtrak postcard make you want to join the dinner party? Designed by the Hall China Company, the blue dishware on the tables portrayed the Amtrak theme colors.

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