What We’re Working On: Hudson Yards Project

With over 260 colleges and universities in the region, 710,000  rail commuters and 40,000 daily Amtrak riders, it’s safe to say the Northeast Corridor (NEC) is a busy place. In September 2013, we broke ground on the Hudson Yards Project, a critical infrastructure project that will secure a pathway for future Hudson River rail tunnels to connect with New York Penn Station (the busiest train station in the country).  With the project progressing we wanted to share a few facts about the impact this project will have on our riders and the region.

How Big?
We’re building an 800-feet long, 50-feet wide and 35 feet tall concrete casing that will preserve the right-of-way for future Hudson River tunnels to connect directly to New York Penn Station.  Translation, we’re getting our ducks in row for future expansion and development. Installation of waterproofing for the project.

Building for the Future
The concrete casing will preserve the ability to build two new rail tunnels in the future that will double intercity and commuter rail capacity on the NEC as part of our proposed Gateway Program.  With 40,000 daily Amtrak riders on the NEC, this expansion is needed for future rail systems.

One Way
The alignment through the Hudson Yards provides the only viable route for new Hudson River tunnels to access New York Penn Station and serve existing track and platforms. The construction of the concrete casing will maintain the opportunity to expand passenger rail services in and out of NYC and improve the safety and reliability of rail operations.

Here's a sneak peek at the rock excavation process.

No Time like The Present
In the absence of this project, the ability to meet strong growth in intercity and commuter rail travel demand throughout the Northeast Region with existing infrastructure that serves Penn Station operations would be forever lost.

Kickin’ Rocks…Out of the Way
Approximately, 83,000 cubic yards of soil and bedrock will be excavated from the site.  That’s a lot of soil and rocks. How much you ask? Enough to fill over  more than four football fields. Let the digging begin!


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For more information about our improvement projects and continued investment along the Northeast Corridor, visit our Northeast Corridor website, nec.amtrak.com.