This Old School Amtrak Art is Awesome

Our train trips are known for being the perfect way to spark your creativity. And this Throwback Thursday, we’re taking you to the artsy side of Amtrak way back in the 1970s, when the great Southwest terrain offered more than just views.  It was a source of artistic inspiration!

For starters, check out these old school baggage tags that say, “I traveled the HI-LEVEL Amtrak way.”

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Amtrak 1970's Baggage Tags

Fun fact: See the red border design? It was inspired by the American Indian art & design of the Southwest, a popular motif used in our Southwestern advertising gear.

But even more awesome, to promote its regional travel and stick to its traditional theme (while also echoing the cool vibe of the decade), Amtrak commissioned this colorful poster in 1973.

Lucky for our creative customers, we still dabble in a bit of art even today, including fun takeaways that you can snag online.

When you’re perusing the Amtrak store, what catches your eye? Is it the uber romantic Lake Shore poster? The Pacific Parlour Car train collectible? Or, perhaps, the super cute National Train Day teddy bear? Let us know in the comments below.


To learn more about the history of Amtrak, visit