Where to Go for President's Day Weekend

Channel your inner President this month, and travel by train just like some of America’s greatest leaders! Even if you don’t have a week to take one of our awesome long-distance trains, here are our favorite trips for the long weekend.

White House

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Washington, D.C.: This seems like an obvious choice, but the nation’s capital is full of unexpected historical landmarks in addition to the President’s Day staples. For example, George Washington’s beautiful home, Mount Vernon, is just across the Potomac River. And from Feb. 15 to 17 you can celebrate the first president’s 282nd birthday at the historic site!
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Sacramento Sutters Fort


Sacramento: As the capital of California, Sacramento is rich in state history. The gold rush at nearby Sutter’s Mill, the pony express and even the first transcontinental railroad all started here! What are you waiting for? This is the perfect day-trip destination for West Coasters!

Route: Capitol Corridor
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New Orleans via Visit New Orleans

New Orleans: If you’re looking for a funkier spot to spend your long weekend, try heading South to Nah’leans. That jazz-loving city also hosted the final battle in the War of 1812, which protected America’s real estate deal, the Louisiana Purchase, from the invading Brits! Take that Kate & Wills!

Route: Crescent 
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Liberty Bell


Philly: Ah, the City of Brotherly Love, home to Rocky and birthplace of the culinary gem that is the Philadelphia Cheesesteak. From art, music and architecture to a steel-frame outline of Benjamin Franklin’s house, Philly is a gem of a destination along our Northeast Corridor.

Route: Northeast Regional
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Memphis: This Tennessee city gets to claim Elvis, B.B. King and Justin Timberlake as its hometown heroes, so it’s no surprise Memphis is one of the country’s most revered music cities. From the hot nightlife on Beale Street to the cool history in its Rail Museum (really, it’s great!), Memphis shouldn’t be forgotten as a great weekend destination!

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Gateway Arch via Explore St LouisSt. Louis: In honor of Honest Abe’s birthday, take the train service that carries his name. The gateway to the west and a heck of a sports city, St. Louis has a great mixture of American history and entertainment. In fact, it’s where Lewis and Clark set off on their great expedition across the vast American landscape all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps their starting point should be your destination!

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Where are you spending the long President’s Day weekend? Let us know in the comments below!