How To Bring Skis on Amtrak

How To Bring Skis on Amtrak

Skis can't be more than 76 inches long Protect your skis with a proper coverTag your LuggageTicket agent will check-in winter sports equipmentAmtrak's Red Caps will help you with your sports equipment

Thanks to our #AmtrakSeason athletes, who took a cross-country trip to some of the U.S.’s most thrilling ski destinations, we’ve got a step by step guide for how to travel with your skis on Amtrak.

Unlike the trunk of your car, our trains have plenty of room to accommodate your ski equipment. We allow snow skis, snowboards, poles, boots and even water skis in the warmer months. Even better? It’s all checked for free. That’s right, F-R-E-E, dude!

Here’s the deal: You can bring up to two carry-on bags no larger than 50 lbs. or 72 inches in height. For checked baggage, you get up to four bags, two free of charge, no larger than 50 lbs. or 75 inches in height.

When you bring your skis or snowboard, you can check them or carry them on with you in lieu of one piece of baggage. Whichever you choose, the equipment has to be inside a full-length protective cover (vinyl/cloth/nylon/or hard-sided case). That’s basically for everyone’s safety and to protect your stuff.

For recreational equipment that is more than 76 inches, there’s a $20 charge to bring it. And you max out at 100 inches. For checked bags beyond your allotted two free bags, it’s $20 per bag with a limit of four bags total.

See you on the slopes! 🎿