10 Tips for Traveling to #SB48

The Broncos and Seahawks are busy getting ready for their trip to the Tri-State Area for Super Bowl XVLIII. Now it’s your turn!  Here’s what you need to know to travel to the Super Bowl festivities! Get ready, we see some awesome #SuperMemories in your future.

1. Plan Ahead
The NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee has been planning for nearly two years. Now it’s your turn. Head over to the Host Committee’s website for helpful tips, a packed events calendar (did someone say TLC?), local attractions and fan housing information.

2. Download the Amtrak App
We have free apps for iPhone, Windows and Android phones. That means you can plan and book your Super Bowl travel throughout Amtrak’s nationwide system of trains and buses straight from your phone. You can also check the arrival and departure status of trains and display your eTicket from right in the app.

Windows App

3. Know Where to Get Off
On game day, several of our Northeast Corridor trains will make a special stop at Secaucus Junction for riders with Super Bowl tickets. So if you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll want to over here to check out the schedule. Our tickets must be purchased before you board the train. So jump back up to tip #2 and book away.

4. Watch the Weather
Our service isn’t affected by weather as much as our friends at the airport, but it can slow your travel plans. Make sure to keep an eye on the forecast and to check your train statusat Amtrak.com or on Amtrak’s smartphone apps before leaving for the station. Also, every station and platform is different. So be sure to bring an umbrella!

5. Know Your Perks
Have you signed up for Amtrak Guest Rewards yet? It lets you earn points toward free travel (and lots more) when you ride. Most importantly, it’s free! Also, some of our larger stations have special lounges for customers with sleeper car or First Class Acela accommodations. Check here to see if you’re eligible.

6. Learn the Map
Once we get you to the region, you might need some help getting around. So we recommend learning the maps. Transit newbies and savvy experts could all benefit from this website that tells you how to navigate the Tri-State region for the Super Bowl.

7. Layer Up
It’s the first cold weather game, so it’s going to be … well, chilly. So take a hint from this infographic and layer up. Whether you’re headed to the game or standing on a station platform, bundling up will be essential.

8. Stay Alert
If you notice something suspicious or spot an unattended bag, speak directly with an Amtrak Police officer located in your station, station personal , train crew members or simply call 911. You can also notify Amtrak Police by sending them a description of the situation via text, just text APD11 from a smartphone or to 27311 from a standard cell phone.

9. Know the Hashtags
Thanks to our free onboard WiFi, you can experience all the fun of the Super Bowl before you even arrive! Be sure to join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #SB48 as you’re traveling the rails. And, of course, if you have any questions, simply use #SBQuestions. Isn’t modern technology awesome?

10. Have FUN!
Yes, there will be crowds. But there will also be tons of concerts, celeb sightings and parties! When you’re partying down and leaving the driving to us, don’t forget to share your Super Bowl moments with us using the hashtag #SuperMemories.

Do you have an expert tip to share with other fans going to the Super Bowl? Share it in the comments below!

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