Behind the Scenes: #SuperMemories

Super Memories

On February 2, New York and New Jersey will co-host the National Football League’s very first outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl. That’s Super Bowl XLVIII for those of you keeping track!

While the teams aren’t final yet, this transit-friendly Super Bowl promises to be epic and probably freezing.

We’ve been working closely with the nice folks on the NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee sorting out details so you have a great travel experience before and after the game. In the next few weeks we’ll share the need-to-know info. That means how you can take the train to the game, not to mention the week-long festivities leading up to kick-off.

Before the Super Bowl festivities really get started, we invite you to check out a few behind-the-scenes shots. We recently chatted with former players Brian Dawkins and Matt Light and current player Torrey Smith. Why were we chatting with them you ask? You’ll have to check back soon to find out (Yes, we just left you hanging).

If you need a hint, here you go: #SuperMemories. That’s all you get. How’s that for dramatic?

What two teams will make it to Super Bowl XLVIII? Let us know in the comment section below.

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