Acela Express Is Breaking Records!

Acela Express

Little-known fact: We’re the only provider of high-speed rail in the entire country. Our Acela Express service stretches from Washington, D.C., all the way up to Boston and is definitely a fan favorite!

From the leather seats to the first class car and lounges, Acela is the definition of riding in style. In fact, on November 7, 2013, Acela ridership peaked at more than 15,000 riders, making it the single best day in Acela’s 13-year history.

In celebration we asked you what exactly you loved most about our high-speed trains. Your answers were creative to say the least. Here are the top 10 reasons you love Acela!

10. “Those whoosh self-opening doors between cars like on Star Trek.”
-Mark Miller, Dover, New Hampshire

9. “My favorite thing about riding #AmtrakAcela is the great feeling of traveling on one of America’s greatest innovations, the railroad!
-Anthony DiGiovanni, Philadelphia

Acela with NYC8. “The speed, not just the actual miles per hour, but from making limited stops to the picture windows and the cafe car. The one time I rode first class was amazing: free food, great service and access to the Acela lounge in New York Penn Station.”
-Joe Scolastico, Massachusetts

7. “I love that I do not have to drive, they have a beverage car and I can use my phone or read while I ride.”
Kathy Smith Stern, Niantic, Conn.

6. “My favorite thing about riding is Frank in Baah-ston and the Club Acela. By the way, my Guest Rewards number is #XXXXX65 ;)”
-Dosh Steve, West Point, N.Y.

5. “Being able to relax and enjoy traveling with my family!”
Lydia Brown

4. “@Amtrak the legroom. #6footer”
-Mark, New England

3. “@Amtrak, my favorite thing about Acela is the amazing staff who help me get my Boston accent back the closer we get to home!”
-Steven Broderick, Washington, D.C.

2. “Taking photos and video of the scenery outside.”
-James Redman, Newport News, Va.

1. “@Amtrak, I love meeting world travelers and hearing their tales of Acela travel.”
-Sherry-Lea, New Orleans

Bonus: Hats off to William Morgan who stayed true to his hometown favorite with, “I’m sure #AmtrakAcela is nice, but I love my #AmtrakCascades.” Let’s hear it for loyalty, folks!

What do you love most about the #AmtrakAcela? Let us know in the comments below!