CEO to Vets: 'Have Faith in Yourself'

Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman

Did you know that Amtrak’s CEO Joe Boardman joined the military at just 17 years old? That leap of faith shaped his career, his personal courage and now the company he heads, which has made a commitment to have 25 percent of its new hires be veterans by 2015.

In a new radio interview with the Armed Forces Network, Vietnam veteran Boardman discusses our hiring vets initiative as both a personal and professional commitment.

“All of you veterans who are listening to this and are interested in the railroad, Amtrak is a place where you can get a fair hearing to look at your skills,” he says of hiring vets. “We need lots of your skills.”

Since announcing the commitment in June, Amtrak has participated in several military career fairs with partners including Hiring Our Heroes, RecruitMilitary and General Electric, which launched its own veterans hiring initiative called Get Skills to Work last fall.

“There’s two ways to look at service,” Boardman says in the interview. “One, you serve to gain and the other you serve to provide. We’re looking for people who are capable of serving others.”

In addition to recruiting new veterans, Amtrak already employs service men and women from the Air Force, Navy, Army and National Guard.

“What all of you veterans have out there today, and some of you don’t know you have it, is that you have humility,” Boardman says. “You know you have to depend on others to secure this country. That’s the same thing we need in the private sector.”

The Armed Forces Network show American Dream, which featured Boardman, will air in 177 countries and on every U.S. Navy ship at sea. His parting words for all those listening?

“Have faith in yourself and move forward,” Boardman says.

Go here to listen to the full interview with Amtrak’s CEO about hiring vets.

Know a veteran who would be an asset to Amtrak? Visit our veterans careers website!

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