Huff Post’s Katie Linendoll Roots for Amtrak

Katie Linendoll's view from her train!

TV sports-tech expert Katie Linendoll doesn’t get her best work done in the studio or in the end zone. Nope, she calls her time on Amtrak her “productive territory.”

“I really respect that Amtrak doesn’t judge me when, like an idiot, I show up approximately two minutes before departure,” says the busy TV personality who bounces between appointments at ESPN, CNN, Today, and the Huffington Post along the Northeast Corridor.

“I also love that I don’t have to stress about whether or not there is going to be room for my bags,” she says. “But the best part has got to be arriving and knowing that the person I came to visit will be right there in the station, waiting!”

With more than 16,000 Twitter followers, her entourage can be pretty big. And she’s not afraid to tell them how she really feels about sports, NASA, or the mayor of Toronto.

“I love the ease [of Amtrak] and wish more people knew about the travel convenience,” says Katie. “I also love the nostalgic feel and peering into towns as we speed by.  And, duh, I love the outlets for all my gadgetry!”

Are you as productive as Katie when you ride our trains? Tell us how you pass the time during your trips in the comments below!