Chuckin’ It on a Cross Country Train

Ryan Just Chuckin ItRyan is an adventurer and the gnarly nomadic blogger behind the popular travel blogJust Chuickin’ It.” Recently he found freedom and a few friends when he set off on a cross country train. What started in Washington, D.C., and ended in Seattle was an epic adventure with lots of selfies and a few slices of deep dish pizza along the way.

Ryan chronicled his adventures with blog posts full of deep thoughts and beautiful photos of the great American landscape.

“Like a zipper, the train pulled the fabric of America together,” Ryan mused has he traveled across the country by train.

The train also offered a new perspective–a chance to marvel at beautiful landscapes from the observation car. The floor-to-ceiling windows and allowed Ryan to see, “ivy covered oaks and sycamores flash by in the blur of orange, crimson, and gold of autumn.”

Just Chuckin It Train

When he wasn’t travel blogging, Ryan was meeting his fellow train travelers. There was Mary, who loved her raspberries; Zach, who was traveling for a big game in North Dakota; and Matt, a friendly Amtrak employee who has worked for the company for 35 years.

Yes, there was even a dance off. No, Ryan did not participate.

“The dining rooms are communal, and I feel like if you are open to meeting strangers, this is the best part of taking the train,” Ryan says. “They sit you with another random passenger if there are three or less people. And I’ll tell you from experience, you meet some wild characters. And some equally fascinating people.”

If you’re interested in taking Ryan’s journey yourself, here’s what to do: Book a coach seat on the Capitol Limited, traveling between Washington and Chicago, then reserve a roomette on the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle.

Where would your cross country train trip begin and end? Share your long-distance train travel dreams or trips with us in the comments below!

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