Your Top 7 Train Manners

Your Top 7 Train Manners

Whether it’s a long or short ride, there’s always time for good #TrainManners. When we asked  you on Twitter what your top suggestions were, you didn’t hold back. From soothing crying kids to “singles only,” here are your essential train manners:

1. Be considerate when having conversations after 10 p.m.

2. Put your phone on vibrate and use headphones if you listen to music or watch movies. Passengers shouldn’t be able to hear the music when you’re wearing headphones.

3. No kids in the quiet car.

4. Stop coughing and making snorting noises through your nose.

5. Amtrak should add a “singles car” so we all can meet hot commuters.

6. If the train is full, sit up instead of sleeping across the two seats.

7. Ask your seatmate politely before reaching over and using the power outlet.

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